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We hereby accept the following procedure for the purchase of BTC:

1. The Seller and Buyer shall meet via Zoom to sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA). Due diligence must be performed by both parties.
2. The Seller and Buyer shall exchange USDT/BTC wallet IDs for approval.
3. The Buyer shall send a handshake transaction to the Seller’s USDT wallet.
4. The Seller shall send BTC according to the tranche schedule to the Buyer’s designated BTC wallet.
5. The Buyer shall conduct forensics. Upon BTC validation, the Buyer shall transfer the agreed-upon USDT tranche to the Seller’s USDT wallet.
6. For each tranche, the Seller shall initiate the tranche by sending the agreed-upon amount in BTC. Upon confirmation of payment, the Buyer shall send the corresponding USDT for the completed tranche.
7. The Buyer shall pay commissions to Beneficiaries in accordance with the Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA).
8. This procedure may continue with rolls and extensions until the BTC supply is exhausted.