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As a global supplier of frozen fish, we take pride in offering the most popular coastal and oceanic pelagic species sourced from major production regions in Spain and/or across the globe. We understand the importance of reliable shipping, and that's why we provide worldwide delivery to any port, following CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) terms. Maintaining the highest standards in food safety and quality, a significant portion of our fish trading products are approved by renowned certifications such as EU, HACCP, and BRC. These certifications serve as a testament to our commitment to providing safe and wholesome products.

•  Product: Mackerel / Atlantic horse mackerel / Sardines / Tuna
•  Label: Custom
•  Freezing process: Individually Quick Frozen
•  Processing: Whole Round (WR) | Whole Headed Gutted (WHG) | Fillets (Skinless/Skin-on & Boneless)
•  Quantity: Upon agreement
•  Quality: Grade A
•  Price: Depending on the quantity required
•  Certificate of origin: Various / Wild catch North Atlantic
•  Certification: HACCP
•  Delivery terms: From single truck or one full container load / CIF ASWP
•  Shipment: Upon request
•  Packaging: IWP (Individual Wrap Package) | Bulk
•  Payment terms: LC or TT / bank transfer before lifting goods from the warehouse
•  Contract: 12 months / long-term
•  Documents: Signed commercial invoice / Certificate of analysis / Quality and weight certificate