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We have a wide selection of beef, veal, goat, mutton, and pork cuts, as well as other frozen products. We take great care to source high-quality meat from major production regions around the world. Our meat products are mostly approved by EU, HACCP, and BRC standards, ensuring their quality and safety. Additionally, many of our frozen meat products have strict Halal certification.

We can customize the packaging sizes to meet your wholesale requirements. Our packaging has been well-received in many parts of the world and meets the highest quality standards for both food service and retail. We specialize in importing food products for wholesale purposes, catering to importers and buyers in various sectors, including industry, wholesale and retail. We offer delivery of our meat products worldwide.

•  Product: Beef forequarter / Beef striploin / Beef flank / Beef hindquarter / Beef shin – shank / Beef offals / Veal feet / Veal tripes / Veal head meat / Goat 6 way cut / Goat cubes / Mutton 6 way cut / Mutton legs / Pork carcass / Pork collar / Pork chops / Pork loin / Pork riblet / Pork shoulder ham / Pork cooked ham / Pork spareribs / Pork leg / Pork belly / Pork head / Pork front feet / Pork hind feet / Pork offals / Pork bacon / Pork sausages / Pork gammon / Injected pork meat
•  Label: Custom
•  Freezing process: Individually Quick Frozen
•  Quantity: Upon agreement
•  Quality: Grade A
•  Price: Depending on the quantity required
•  Certificate of origin: Europe, USA, Brazil
•  Certification: HACCP | Halal
•  Delivery terms: Full container load / CIF ASWP
•  Shipment: Upon agreement
•  Packaging: Upon agreement
•  Payment terms: LC or TT / bank transfer before lifting goods from the warehouse
•  Contract: 12 months / long-term
•  Documents: Signed commercial invoice / Certificate of analysis / Quality and weight certificate